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repair emotional brain ANS


Repair is a reimagining of yourself, in spite of lost hope, Therapy is a creative act.

Process the disconnection in your felt sense - the hurt, confused, stolen, damaged, angry, obscured, demeaned, rejected, broken, hidden or terrorised parts of you & rebalance.

When overwhelmed by life stressors/stimuli, your emotional brain sends out alarm signals in the form of symptoms - e.g. anxiety, depression, fixation, heartache, rumination, syndromes, illness.

It all begins & ends here - without good connection to ourselves, others & ourworld - we are merely surviving. 

The drive to connect & to soothe yourself in its absence, is at the heart of trauma injury. 

Losing connection equals a loss of safety. You don't just think it. You body FEELS it.

Deep. Pervasive. Raw. Wrong.

Too many distressing feelings. Not enough of the right feelings and/or oddly numb to all.

This is the big "t" and little 't' known as TRAUMA.

You can't think your way back.

Neuroscience confirms the rational brain does not control reactivity. Nor your ability return to well being once a threat has passed.. No doubt, you have tried to relieve symptoms of distress but have been worn down on the treadmill of will power, strategy or self discipline. Failing to stop or change, as self blame getting louder.

Seeking & maintaining connection, safety, life force, resilience & capacity is the modus operandi of the limbic emotional brain, autonomic nervous system (ANS) & vagus nerve. We are only designed to have short exposures to threat/stress but too much, too soon or for too long compromises ANS capacity. 

Your emotional brain speaks the somatic language of survival and protection: fight, flight, fawn, and freeze. 

Repair of the foundation of your felt sense, the bedrock of psycho-biological resilience & well being is possible.

Neuro clinical tools can turn the alarm bell off: restore neural pathways to process traumatic shock/blocks, recalibrate deeper embodied regulation & renew capacity for connection. 

In pursuit of synchronicity, belonging & love you can make new choices. Patterns of interaction/behaviour that bring solace, control or hope whilst others amplify suffering. Yet a deeper sense of connection remains elusive. 




repair emotional brain ANS



Trauma is not the event itself, it is the ghost in the machine. The scarring imprints, that loop on repeat in your felt sense, long after events have passed.

The pervasive, repetitious, energetic frequency of distress - whether you know it consciously or not -  is expressed in the body, mind & soul. Trauma symptoms are as many & varied, as are the personal contexts that create them. 

Each of us has a unique knowing, sense memory & yearning for what heartfelt connection feels like. To get you back to this place, the dual aims of neuro-affective therapy are to reset by deactivating trauma loops & restore well being by re-regulating the two halves of the emotional brain with the ANS and vagus nerve. 

Your ANS is programmed to complete defense & protective action. It's dual roles become stuck, maladaptive & compromised when over stressed. Protective defences of fight/flight/fawn & freeze are arrested, habituated & unable to complete. Access to feelings of rest & safety are denied.

Therapeutic work identifies, explores & releases traumatic shock, stress, fixated states, blocks; caused by unmet needs, miss-attunement & exposure to traumatic contexts.

Clinical tools aim to deepen your sense of embodiment; to reorder, recognise & feel what healthy flow, function & communication between the two halves can be. The sympathetic side of motivation & movement contrasting with the parasympathetic side returning you back to calm, rest & digest states. The two moving in synchronicity foster both emotional safety & fortify you to withstand inevitable stressors & rise to life's challenges.

Beyond initial repair, you will develop a personalised roadmap, navigation skills & tools calibrated to the elemental needs of your system. Every nervous system is unique & responds to the world accordingly. 

Feel more hope & command as your nervous system is guided back its foundational protective capacity & productive life force where embodied authentic self expression, well being & vitality is possible.





Reclaim YOU. 

Don't accept the disorder, chaos, loneliness, self sabotage & confusion of your traumatised self as permanent or somehow your fault. Whatever level or history of traumatic psycho-biological distress you feel now, you are not predestined to stay there.

Get back the deeper emotional resonance of your system operating in coherence - a feeling, a knowing, a profound felt sense of being in tune with body, mind and soul. Just. As. It. Is.

Beyond the place of always having to think, say, do or be are simply....Enough. Whole. Unique. Emerging.

Neuroscience confirms what many ancient healing traditions have always known. The soma, psyche and soul with the right supports, tools & restored connective tissue has an innate ability to heal and return to equilibrium. 

A re-calibrated ANS liberates you from trauma loops, renews trust & control whilst meeting life's ongoing challenges.

What was lost can be found. What was once a life dominated by pain, now just has painful parts.  

Reclaim the soul level resonance of who you are, where you have come from, what you have survived, what you will become.

Trauma therapy is not only a technique, a therapeutic readjustment of a psycho-biological system. 

It is an shared endeavour of healing the heart. An embodied way into seeing, feeling and allowing the innate value of your life to be fully embraced. 


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