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— Alleviate stress

— Improve sleep

— Build immune response

— Reduce anxiety 

— Soothe your body 

— Embody safety 

— Boost creativity 


 Map nervous system needs 

 Deepen connection to others 

— Prioritise desires & goals

— Repair neural pathways

 Transform suffering

 Control reactivity 

 Reduce rumination 


— Realign with your authentic self 

— Connect to inner wisdom

 Attune to core needs

— Liberate your heart 

— Harmonise body/mind/soul

— Intergrate self awareness

— Create new ways of being

Repair of Autonomic nervous system
Reset and regulation of Autonomic nervous system
Reclaim coherence of Autonomic nervous system


Connection : [noun] /:

1. the state of joining or
being joined
2. the state of being connected.


It all begins & ends here - without good connection to ourselves, our tribes & our world - we don't feel OK.

Each of us has an inner wisdom, sense memory & yearning for what heartfelt connection feels like. When you lose this, you can't think your way back. 

The need to connect & to soothe yourself in its absence, is at the heart of trauma injury.

Trauma-informed therapy repairs the ANS neural pathways to process damage, heal the heart & foster trust that moving toward & joining can be safe. In pursuit of synchronicity, belonging & love you can make new choices.


Emotional safety is an elemental need, seeking & maintaining it, is the modus operandi of a healthy ANS.

Unwanted patterns /behaviours that initially calm you or have inflamed your life can be transformed. Repair at the cellular level opens pathways to aliveness. Connection is the fluid state of mutual influence & safety.

Possibility : [noun] /:
1. archaic. one's utmost power, capacity or ability

2. the state or condition of being possible


What is lost....can be found.

Hard to believe. Even harder to feel.

You can regain access to your fundamental personal power - your archaic, original life force that we are all born with. 


No matter what you have endured or has been taken away, you can get back.....

The real YOU. Authentic. Alive. Resilient.

Trauma-informed therapy is not just talking “about” possible change - it actively resets your nervous system to achieve it.

Process the hurt, confused, stolen, damaged, angry, obscured, demeaned, rejected, broken, hidden or terrorised parts of you & rebalance.


Re-orient to possibility - with your foundational system back online. You will feel flow, rhythm & capacity - the visceral energy - of your true self rise to life's challenges.

An ANS & vagus nerve working well is the engine of resilience.

Coherence : [noun]/:

1. the quality of forming a unified whole

2. the act or state of


Finally, the missing piece. What is the word, the thing, the essence that encapsulates the wholeness of 'well' being?


Beyond the place of always having to think, do, say or be more....where you are simply...Enough. Whole. Unique. Emerging.

Coherence is a feeling, a knowing, a profound sense of being in tune with body, mind & soul. Just. As. It. Is.

Neruo-affective therapy is not only a therapeutic readjustment of a psycho-biological system. 


It is a shared endeavor of healing the heart.

A way into really seeing, feeling & allowing the innate value of your life to be fully embraced.

Embody a soul level resonance - the deep acceptance for who you are, what you have survived, what you will become.


From this place there is connection to yourself, community & the collective.


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