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repair your nervous system & reclaim your authentic self 

Are you wanting to feel more alive, connected and whole?


Personal therapy is a deeply personal process aimed at supporting you to explore, process & heal personal trauma, chronic stress or stuck points & associated symptoms.

Therapy is a creative act. A reimagining of self, despite lost hope. 


Work on a shock trauma event or the more complex post-traumatic symptoms arising from developmental, historic
or chronic timelines of exposure. 

individual trauma informed psychotherapy


resolve Trauma patterns/subconscious blocks that affect performance, motivation & satisfaction in work settings

Burn out, stress, malaise, interpersonal challenges, mental blocks, performance anxiety, unfulfilled potential?

Discover how your personal trauma doesn't just stay in your private life. It often lives out in unconscious patterns, dynamics & unwanted ways of relating in the workplace.

Focus on resetting your nervous system around goal-oriented, specific concerns & desired outcomes in workplace or career settings.  


Connect with your ANS history, experience & context. Create a roadmap/ tools to optimise who you are & want to be at work.


Access interventions that correct maladaptive patterns, change limiting beliefs & inter-personal reactivity. 


Resolving trauma patterns helps to improve confidence, performance, energy, focus in order to more easliy reach personal growth & aspirations.

professional coaching of autonomic nervous system


get the connection & love you both deserve
release trauma loops that play out between each other

Do you crave to be truly seen & heard in a fulfilling, affirming & loving relationship?

Do you find, no matter how you both try to change, the same fights, issues & patterns continually arise?

Despite our best intentions, couples act out maladaptive attachment patterns, wounds & unconscious unmet needs from childhood. Conflict is the repeated but failed attempts to secure the companionship, love & emotional safety we need to thrive.

Do you want better connection, intimacy & capacity to attune, not only to your needs, but also to your beloved?

Couples work often comes at a crisis - we fall in love & then we find ourselves in a power struggle that never seems to end.

Couples work decodes relational dynamics to help each partner process childhood wounds, trauma states & related ANS reactivity. You will repair historical wounds clearing the path to be there for & get back to each other in the here and now.

couples neuro-affective trauma informed sessions


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