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if you could think your way out of suffering you would have already...right?

Trauma is a thief - stealing connection, confidence & emotional safety.

Exposure to developmental, chronic or shock events - that were too much, too soon & for too long -  create trauma loops of reactivity, unwanted patterns & subconscious drives that can diminish identity, perception, health, behaviour, relationships & performance.

Symptoms are not 'who your are'.
They are the body's alarm signals originating from your deeper nervous system in OVERWHELM.

Go beyond the limits of traditional talking therapy.

Access clinical tools based on the latest developments in traumatic stress & the neuroscience of well-being. 

The rational brain (mindset & will) does not control reactivity. Nor can it return you to inner safety.

Work with the true architect of distress, your deeper emotional brain, the vagus nerve & the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) that controls it.  

Speak the somatic language of the ANS & transform how your nervous system reacts to the past & reimagines your future.


professional psychotherapy

"symptoms are a form of communication, a symbolic language of the suffering soul"

— Ginette Paris

What's your go to?

All of us use a blend of emotional brain defenses to navigate & overcome stressors in our daily lives. A reaction is neither good nor bad. They are simply a survival menu of ways our stress response can look, sound or feel, whilst trying to keep us safe. Trauma loops & their symptoms originate when defending yourself is either blocked or circumstances force you to stay in them too long.

The question isn't do you defend yourself, it is, could you or are you still stuck there?

Fight response of Autonomic Nervous System


When life gets stressful I notice I'm......

Angry, controlling, critical & argumentative

Internally I feel......

Tense, agitated, unsettled, furious & superior

My body feels......

Tight, hot, clenched jaw, heavy, burning


My pattern in life is......

Blaming others, extreme mood swings, being bossy, sulking

My 'go to'  thought is & emotions are ......

"Everyone is so annoying" - anger, bitter, melancholic

Flight response of Autonomic Nervous System


When life gets stressful I notice I'm......

 Nervous, scared, worried & can't sit still

Internally I feel......

Unsettled, restless, panicky, fearful & off balance 

My body feels......

Nauseous, sweaty, on edge, racing heart, dizzy

My pattern in life is...... 

 Busy at all costs, avoid depth, overthinking, superficial socialising 

My 'go-to' thought is & emotions are...... 

"I don't feel ok, something's really wrong " - worried, lost, uneasy

The question isn't do you defend your yourself. it is, could you or are you still stuck there ?

Fawn response of Autonomic Nervous System

When life gets stressful I notice I'm....

Extra quiet, make myself smaller, lose my voice

I sometimes feel.....

Sad, worried, wronged, desperate to connect 


My body feels......

Constricted, twisted, small, slow, stiff, weak


My pattern in life is ...... 

Appease others, take the blame, over help others at my cost 

My 'go to' thought is & emotions are......

"If I do this, I won't get hurt" - sorry, sad, afraid 


Freeze response of Autonomic Nervous System


When life gets stressful I notice I......

Pull back, withdraw, avoid people & places

I sometimes feel.....

Distant, spacey, mute & wish I was somewhere else 

My body feels......

Floaty, numb, dense, cold, slow, airy - out of my body

My pattern in life is....

Not being present, joyless, observational, unreachable 

My 'go to' thought is & emotions are...... 

"I don't care what happens" - desolate, empty, apathetic

Get yourself back - access clinical tools to repair trauma loops in the deeper emotional brain needing to complete.

Understand & nuture your uniquely configured nervous system — the key to liberate body, mind & soul.

The key to 'well-being', is not the absence of struggle. That is unavoidable. It is the capacity of your emotional brain, Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) & vagus nerve, to quickly return you from the charge of sympathetic defense to the relative emotional safety of parasympathetic calm, rest & digest. ​ Ideally we should feel both the triumph of meeting a challenge, enduring hardship or surviving threat & coming back to ourselves & others. Resilience & safety - the bookends of a healthy ANS. When your ANS gets overwhelmed & goes too much 'on' or 'off' line, you are stuck. You can get beyond the limits of rational brain mindset & restore connection, joy, authencity & self confidence.


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