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individual psychotherapy session
professional coaching trauma informed psychotherapy
couples trauma informed psychotherapy

Individual Therapy — is a deeply personal process aimed at supporting you to explore, process, heal trauma & associated symptoms. Trauma can be a one off shock event or the more complex post traumatic symptoms arising from developmental, historic or chronic timelines of exposure.


There is an initial exploration of your background, current concerns & felt sense of distress. Along with mapping out your intentions & desires for the work. To support trust, understanding & outcomes I will offer some brief psycho-education about the modalities I use. The how & why they work, to bring about lasting change and relief.


The therapy work involves somatically focused enquiry & clinical interventions to assist ANS repair & re-regulation.

Professional Psychotherapy — is focused on specific concerns, blocks or desired outcomes in workplace settings.


Trauma often doesn't distinguish between our private & public selves. A large part of our lives are spent at work where trauma patterns, reactivity & maladaptive thoughts can affect our confidence, performance, energy or focus.

The key is to explore how your unique ANS responds, adapts & creates dynamics in professional settings.


Focus on an area of concern, repair what is needed & move you worklife forward. You will develop your personalised ANS roadmap, navigation skills & specific tools that will deliver better outcomes in your professional life.

Couples Therapy — sessions are one & a half hours duration, structured to offer each individual the time & space to express their needs, desires & concerns.


Couples may choose to work on a specific issue or simply want help to work on the more complex relational issues they experience.

Couples work is designed to decode & repair maladaptive attachment wounds, unmet needs & patterns often originating in childhood. These often unconscious patterns tend to manifest destructively causing conflict misattunement & confusion.

A dysregulated nervous system seeks to have it's needs met by the other partner but is retraumatised when this fails to happen. The aim of coupes work is to replace reactivity & foster emotional safety for both partners to restore connection & intimacy.

+HOw long does it take

Individual Therapy — there is no set time frame. The history, concerns, support structures & level of distress vary greatly with each individual client.


It is usual to need consistent sessions over a medium to long term for a reduction and/or resolution of trauma symptomology.

Professional Psychotherapy — can be goal specific & contained within a shorter timeline. A 10-session block can be a useful reference point.


The aims are to provide a client with an exploration of how their nervous system patterns show up in work settings & to transform maladaptive responses in relation to specific concerns. 

Couples Therapy — has no set time frame. Similar to individual therapy - the history, complexity of issues & concerns of couples vary considerably. 


Couples can design their own therapeutic aims & timeline - ranging from desiring help with a specific issue or major life decision, to the more general exploration of relationship needs and desires.


Personal Therapy:


for a one-hour session. Zoom/In Person



24 hrs cancellation policy applies or full session fee will apply.

Professional Psychotherapy


for a one-hour session. Zoom/In Person



24 hrs cancellation policy applies or full session fee will apply.

Couples Therapy:


for a one and a half hours. Zoom/ In Person

24 hrs cancellation policy applies or full session fee will apply.

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